Selecting the Perfect Unit

The big question. How much space do you need?

Below you will find a general guide to assist you in making this decision. Sometimes it is better to be on the safe side and rent a slightly larger storage space. This would particularly hold true in cases where the facility was almost at capacity. In this case if you rented a unit that was too small, you may not be able to upgrade or rent additional space.

Call the location nearest you to find out what unit sizes are available at that location!

Size (Ft.)



Vehicle Required

Can Be Used To Store:

5×5 25 walk-in closet cargo van Small Bedroom – Couch, Mattress, Several Boxes
10×10 100 Small Bedroom 16′ truck 1 bedroom apartment with appliances
9×13 120 medium bedroom 20′ truck 2 bedroom apartment
9×17 153
10×15 150 large bedroom 24′ truck 2 bedroom apartment with appliances
10×20 200 single garage 24′ truck 2 – 3 bedroom apartment / house with appliances
20×20 400 2 car garage 40′ trailer 4-5 bedroom house, vehicles or use as mini-warehouse
20×30 600

We also have Over 4 acres of outdoor storage available in any size; ideal for Boats, RV’s, Trailers and more!


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